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BBQ recipes to wow!

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Feeling a little fatigued at the thought of another badly burnt BBQ sausage? We get it.

We’ve taken things up a notch and created, compiled and curated some next level and super easy BBQ recipes for you to wow your friends, family and neighbours with this weekend…

Thai Chicken Kebab

Thai chicken kebabs laid out on tray

For a kebab with extra zing, this Thai Green Curry inspired kebab does the trick. Using our Thai Green Curry Recipe seasoning for an immense flavour.

Top tip: Marinate in the fridge overnight for best results

Find and favourite the recipe here

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Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Garlic butter glazed chicken in a dish outside in sun

In our opinion, anything involving garlic and butter is bound to be incredible, but these marinated chicken wings go one step further.

Top Tip: Don’t share them, they’re far too good to share…

Find and favourite the recipe here

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BBQ Pork and Mango Salsa

Sticky BBQ glazed pork topped with mango salsa and garnished with salad leaves

It’s colourful, it’s sweet, it’s smoky and it’s punchy, all rolled into one deliciously glorious BBQ dish…

Top Tip: Serve these beauties up with salad and couscous as a finished dish

Find and favourite the recipe here

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Spicy Salt and Pepper Peach and Tofu Kebab

Vegan BBQ recipe - kebabs laid out and garnished with salad

Looking for a vegan/vegetarian option? Look no further! Using our Spicy Salt and Pepper Glaze, these add a little extra kick with a sweet peach twist.

Top Tip: Dry the tofu with kitchen towel before dicing.

Find and favourite the recipe here

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Minted Lamb and Halloumi Kebab

Minted lamb and halloumi kebabs laid out and served with pitta bread

Sure, we ‘ve all eaten lamb kebabs at a BBQ before, but have you ever tried these? Stock up, they’ll no doubt fly off the BBQ quicker than you can say ‘grubs up!’

Top Tip: Serve it up with tzatziki in a flatbread to finish!

Find and favourite the recipe here

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Here at Pureety, our goal is simple, to provide incredible seasonings, marinades and glazes ready for you to cook up a storm and create gourmet dishes for all the family!

Our food and family philosophy is always at the forefront of everything we do from development to your dining table; providing you with the products to create easy restaurant quality dishes at home whether you’re a novice or a pro in the kitchen. Let’s do some cooking!

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