Time Saving Kitchen Tricks

Posted by Max Knott

We all know the feeling, it’s been a long day of school runs, work and errands so the last thing you need when you walk in the door in the evening is to start creating a big meal from scratch! So, we’ve cooked up some time saving tricks and kitchen hacks for you to try instead…

  • Pre-heat – Pretty much everyone is guilty of skipping the ‘pre-heat’ stage but we promise it will save you time in the long run! If a recipe calls for a hot pan or oven cookery, make sure you allow time for the pan or oven to pre-heat properly. This will actually ensure that the dish is cooked quickly and precisely.

  • Mise-en-Place – this is French culinary term used in professional kitchens around the world. It literally means “putting in place” or “gather” So even the novice cook would benefit from using this mentality in the kitchen when preparing food. By preparing the veg for a dish, getting certain equipment like pots/pans/wooden spoons out, or weighing out certain ingredients for a dish in advance. Par-cook items for a dish the day before e.g., par boil roast potatoes or vegetables.

  • Read & re read – Before embarking on a culinary adventure with our seasonings or glazes, make sure you head to our website, read and re read the recipe way before putting on your apron. By doing this you will save time when in the heat of the kitchen and leave less time for mistakes when cooking.

  • Double up – When preparing one of our brilliant recipes, why not double up on the ingredients, have some containers at the ready and portion up any leftovers. Then refrigerate or freeze for a quick lunch or dinner another day.
  • Meal plan – At the start of the week or before doing “the big shop” think about what meals you will be eating on which days to fit around your routine. Then assemble an ingredients list (don’t forget to include our Puréety products). This will save you time and money.

  • Prepared ingredients – If you are really stuck for time when making meals, you can always buy prepared/frozen vegetables at the shop to cut out the hassle/mess and save time.

  • Sharp Knives – Invest in a few good knives and sharpening tool or steel. We recommend you have a good cook’s/chef’s knife, a pastry knife and a serrated tomato knife in your kitchen to help you prepare your meals with ease.
  • Bundle up – Our NEW Puréety bundles have landed and they’re perfect for keeping your store cupboard stocked up for a quick and easy mid week meal, plus it saves money… sorted!

Shop it. Cook it. Snap it. Tag it. Enjoy it – show us what you’ve been cooking in the kitchen using our Pureety products – we can’t wait to see! 

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