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It’s a late tea tonight but here we have a chilli rice bowl type thing. Time got away from me and considering I had a ham roll at 12:00 it’s safe to say I was starving as I wandered round Tesco this evening. pureetyathome to the rescue!!

I had the pureetyathome chilli con carne recipe seasoning in the cupboard, just waiting for a night like tonight! I fried off some diced chorizo, 3% fat steak mince and mushrooms in a little olive oil before adding one red pepper, a tin of sweetcorn, the seasoning and a tin of tomatoes. I let all that cook for about 25 mince whilst I made a quick salsa from homegrown tomatoes, red onion and coriander.

I took inspo from alwayscookingcouple and used the pouch of microwave Mexican rice I had in the cupboard and served this with the chilli. I topped everything with the salsa, guac, sour cream, some iceberg lettuce, mozzarella, tortilla chips and spring onions.

The chilli seasoning was perfect, smoky, mild enough that I could let the little one eat it but packed full of flavour. I can make a mean chilli myself but when you have something this tasty and convenient in the cupboard, it would be rude not to! Go check out pureetyathome

(Also cooking after 7pm means we’re back to pictures taken in awful light)

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– 𝗕𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗴𝗻𝗲𝘀𝗲
Well I am a massive, massive fan of these pureetyathome seasoning kits 😍🙌🏼! I was super excited when these arrived at my door. Last night I whipped up this gorgeous bolognese using some pork mince and gluten free linguine pasta 🤤!
The kit comes with your sachet of seasoning and all the instructions you need to make a delicious meal! And the best part…it is gluten free 🙌🏼 YEAH BABY!!!

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Pureety's new recipe seasonings ➡️AD⬅️

Received these new recipe seasonings from the amazing guys over at pureetyathome!

Really looking forward to trying these outs so keep an eye on my feed next week 👌

Go check them out, follow, enjoy their recipes and if you fancy treating yourself to some of their seasonings or marinades then use GRUMPYCHEF20 at the checkout for 20 % off 🙌

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Been so busy with being back to work on Tuesday after a couple of weeks off on leave that I am only getting a chance to post this now! Sorry for the awful photo but we just wanted to get tucked in lol 😂. On Bank Holiday Monday I decided to make some slow cooked bbq ribs from cleaverandsteel and some chicken kebabs using pureetyathome marinade glaze of garlic and butter along with baby roast potatoes and corn on the cob. All I can say is that it was all totally delicious 😋 the ribs were up there with the best we have ever eaten with lots of delicious meat on them. Will definitely be getting these again 🔥. The marinated chicken kebabs were also so tasty with a lovely garlicky flavour👌

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CHORIZO PAELLA // every! single! mouthful! was! HEAVEN!!! Okay okay I know I’m forever tooting my own horn saying ‘wow this was the best thing I ever made’ but this was 100% up there, oh my dayssss

Also such an easy recipe which is my forte hehe

🌱Fry your veggies in (lots of) garlic: I chose one white onion, half a red onion, and half each of a green, yellow, and red pepper
🌱Pop your vegan chorizo in the oven if you’re using it – I used the M&S chorizo sausages (you could also deffo add chickn pieces to the pan with your veggies otherwise)
🌱Once the veggies are all good, add your paella rice – I used 1 cup of arborio rice for 3 portions – fry for a few minutes
🌱Add your spices – now I cheated and used pureetyathome paella sachet (AD|PR SAMPLE ~ no obligation to post) but if you’re making your own add : smoked paprika, saffron, salt + pepper
🌱Add your stock – I used 2 cups of veg stock – bring to a boil and then reduce, leave to simmer, and cover for 20 mins (without touching it/stirring)
🌱Cook your peas and your asparagus in the interim, and cut up your artichoke hearts
🌱If your rice still needs a bit more softening, add a splash more water and leave for a few more minutes
🌱Add all your other cooked bits (chorizo, peas, asparagus), and a a good squeeze of lemon juice, before topping with chilli flakes and serving

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