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Kitchen hacks you didn’t know you needed

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Those ‘oh wow, how did I never do this before’ kitchen hacks are the best, so here’s just a few for you to try…

Keep it even- When chopping veg, remember to keep them even sizes for even cooking times. Also remember, the smaller you cut, the quicker they cook – handy to know if you’re after a quick meal.

Stay secure Did you know you can secure your chopping board with a damp cloth underneath? This stops it slipping and avoids any nasty accidents whilst you’re chopping, slicing and dicing.

Dental flossUse unscented dental floss for a clean cut – great for soft cheeses, cakes and butter!

Keep it cold Been handling chillies or fish? Wash your hands with COLD water and soap. Hot water actually cooks the oil meaning the smell and spice will remain on your hands for longer.

How to present like a proIn the age of Instagram, we all want our incredible recipes to look top notch on the grid, so how do you ensure your food brings the likes? Easy:

Remember ‘tight and height’ – stack it up tall and avoid spreading it out on the plate.

Keep in mind the rule of odd numbers – got 6 cracking looking roast potatoes on your plate? Take one off for the picture and pop it back on after.

How to cook steak to perfection When cooking steaks, always bring the meat to room temperature before cooking to ensure an even cook throughout.

Always rest your meat after cooking for the same amount of time it was cooked for to retain all the moisture and flavour! 

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Here at Pureety, our goal is simple, to provide incredible seasonings, marinades and glazes ready for you to cook up a storm and create gourmet dishes for all the family!

Our food and family philosophy is always at the forefront of everything we do from development to your dining table; providing you with the products to create easy restaurant quality dishes at home whether you’re a novice or a pro in the kitchen. Let’s do some cooking

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