6 PRO tips to cook the best Roast Potatoes for Christmas dinner

Pureety Roast Potatoes for Christmas Dinner

A Christmas dinner isn’t a Christmas Dinner without delicious roast potatoes. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Roast potatoes Pureety style, however, offer something extra to make them that little bit more special. Our Top Chef Gareth Pearson (and Pureety MD) has put together some of his pro tips so you have the best Roast Potatoes for your Christmas Dinner!


Picking the perfect potato

First things first, you really need to know your spuds. While there are a number of potato varieties, I always say the same when asked how to make the perfect roast potato. The white flesh and dry, floury texture of the good old Maris Piper makes this variety perfect for roasties.


Size matters

Once peeled, give a little thought on how to chop them up. As close to equal size as possible means each gorgeous roast potato will cook through equally. Nobody wants to find a firm centre in their roastie, especially not at Christmas. It’s those cut edges that crisp up so deliciously in the oven so don’t leave them too big, but not so small that they dry and shrivel too quickly.


Don’t skip the parboiling!

Parboil your chopped potatoes in a pan of slightly salted water for around eight minutes. Remembering those crispy edges we want to turn golden in the oven, give your potatoes a little shake in the colander to fluff them up slightly. You’ll be glad you remembered to do this, trust me.


Add Pureety Potato Seasoning

Place the dry, fluffy potatoes back into your pan and sprinkle over Pureety Made at Home Ultimate Roast Potato Seasoning, ensuring each potato has a golden coating. If you really want to make your Christmas roast potatoes stand out, try our Rosemary and Garlic Potato Seasonings. Your family will be most impressed by your accomplished culinary creations.


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From fat to fit

The next component is your roasting fat. Oil, butter, dripping or goose fat all produce slightly different finishes. While Goose fat might not be considered the healthiest option, a little Christmas indulgence has to be permitted to create the perfect festive feast. Make sure it’s already hot and sizzling in your roasting tray before gently adding your beautifully seasoned potatoes. Roast at 180° for around 45 minutes to an hour until golden and crunchy.


Close the door!!!

My next top tip is a simple one—leave the oven door closed to allow your potatoes to roast to perfection; Roast potatoes are often cut with 3 sides, so they only need to be turned three times during cooking. Opening and closing the oven door deregulates the temperature and soggy spuds just won’t do!


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