Stock up on Pureety’s new Marinade Concentrates

Pureety is thrilled to announce a new addition to our flavour-packed portfolio of Made at Home products! We’ve been working on our Marinade Concentrates for some time and after extensive research (and a whole lot of taste-testing!) a five-strong range of flavours are out for you to try now.

Available in Jamaican Jerk BBQ, Texan Hickory BBQ, Honey BBQ, Piri Piri BBQ and Chinese BBQ, Pureety has you covered for barbecue season.

Each box of our Marinade Concentrates contains two single use sachets, each being the equivalent of a 250g bottle of liquid marinade. As Pureety marinade is concentrated, the flavours are stronger and are absorbed by your meat, fish or veg dish quicker than a traditional marinade. Marinade Concentrates coat the product thoroughly so you won’t have a bowl of leftover liquid to throw away afterwards. No fuss, just a deliciously flavoursome dish.

The Pureety Made at Home brand has always championed bridging the gap between buying dry ingredients and purchasing ready meals. Our ‘more flavour in less time’ approach means our Marinade Concentrates were developed to make your life easier when preparing quick dishes at home, without sacrificing taste.

A huge thank you to everyone that took the time to answer our marinade questionnaire at the beginning of the year. We told you it was for a great new project and your feedback was really appreciated!

Pureety’s Marinade Concentrates are available now in the Pureety shop and selected stores nationwide.