Smoked Chilli And Honey Chicken Kebab


To prepare the kebabs start by preheating a grill to its highest setting.

Then dice the chicken breads and place into a plastic mixing bowl.

Next empty the contents of the Pureety Smoked Chilli and Blossom Honey sachet onto the chicken and combine well.

Clingfilm the bowl and place into the fridge to marinate for a minimum of 2 hours.

When the chicken has marinated it should be skewered onto kebab skewers.


To cook the dish the chicken should be placed under the grill for 8-10 minutes turning every 2 minutes.

The pitta breads should then be also placed under the grill until they start to balloon up. They should then be sliced to form a pocket.

Into the pitta breads the iceberg lettuce and tomato should then be placed, followed by the chicken when the cooking has commenced.

The kebabs should then be served warm and eaten straight away.

These easy to make snacks are even better served straight from a barbeque with ice cold beer!


1 x Pureety Smoked Chilli and Blossom Honey sachet
1 x Chicken breast
2 x Pitta breads
¼ x Iceberg lettuce (Washed and shredded)
1 x Tomato (Sliced)