Pureety’s Perfect BBQ Burgers

Pureety BBQ Beef Burger

What is a barbecue without a mouth-watering burger bar? Not only are burgers juicy and hearty barbecue grub, your guests aren’t bound to tables while eating them. Prep a burger bar station with condiments and sides and let the kids at it to customise their meals! All you need for the perfect Pureety BBQ Beef Burger is:

Form the beef into 50g patties, making sure the meat will stay in shape while cooking. Marinate your patties in Pureety’s Honey BBQ Marinade Concentrate.

Start a medium-hot fire in your BBQ and add your patties to the grill. After around 4 minutes, they should have a crunchy looking texture on the cooked side. Flip your patties when they’ve reached your desired level of char and cook for another 4 minutes.

Top each of your patties with a slice of cheese and close the hood of your BBQ. Allow the contained heat to melt your cheese.

Allow your burgers to cool and add them to your bread buns. Then comes the fun part—choosing your toppings! Pureety recommends grilled onions, spicy mayonnaise or good old-fashioned ketchup and mustard.

Pureety BBQ Pulled Pork Burger

We love a cut of meat that can feed an entire party and lets face it, that’s what you need at a barbecue! This one isn’t your typical burger but don’t let yourself think you’ll miss out on even a bit of flavour. Pulled pork is incredibly versatile and packing it into a bun with a couple of delicious accompaniments makes for a truly satisfying BBQ dish. If you’re the prepared BBQ-er, this one is for you! Grab the following to start cooking up a Pureety BBQ Pulled Pork Burger:

Preheat your BBQ and lay a few strips of foil down over a sturdy surface. Place your pork on the foil and pick up the sides of the strips to create a bowl around it.

Chop your onions into chunks and add to the foil bowl. Bring the edges of the foil bowl together and seal the pork. Place it on the BBQ over indirect heat and cover with the hood to begin cooking. Turn occasionally for 3 hours until the pork is moist and browned.

Shred or ‘pull’ the pork using a couple of forks—it should fall off with complete ease. Be careful here, as your meat will still be incredibly hot. Smother your pulled pork with the contents of your pack of Pureety Texan Hickory BBQ Marinade Concentrate and mix well.

The beauty of using pulled pork is that you can alter how much you load a bun with, leaving room for as many or as little accompaniments as you like. We recommend a gooey and crunchy coleslaw.

Don’t forget the sides—Pureety’s Sweet Potato Fries work a treat with either of these delectable BBQ burgers!