Pureety’s Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Gift ideas for the foodie in your life

We’re all foodies here at Pureety and feel it’s our duty to keep tabs on new and unique kitchenware that will help us during development of new products… And to also keep an eye out for bits and bobs that are just fun to look at and play with!

We’ve made a Pureety Christmas Gift Guide choc full of ideas to amaze and delight the foodie in your life. There’s something for the hardcore chef that never leaves home without their trusty huller, to the kids that you’re hoping won’t make a mess if you can make their veg look that little bit more appealing. Check out these great finds:

1. The Oak and Rope Company Chopping Board

Made of real oak, this board is as functional as it is decorative. Not only is this a beautiful piece to have in the kitchen, The Oak and Rope Company’s chopping board can be customised to read a personal message for your loved one. Each letter is hand carved and the board is available in a range of different sizes, perfect for chopping up your roasties!

2. Muuto Hang Around Cutlery Set

This serving set is simple and elegant in design, pairing well with traditional and modern cookware and cutlery. The spatula and serving spoon have an ingenious slot positioned beneath them, allowing them to be placed on the edges of pots and bowls without tipping over! When you’ve seasoned your gorgeous potatoes with Pureety’s seasoning packets, this set will allow you to serve them up in style.

3. Sagaform Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but how often have you heard someone say “I’d drink water more often if it tasted of something else”? Well, this fruit infusing water bottle is one way of doing that. The bottle uses a piston to yield the juices and flavour of real fruit and mixes them with the water you load it with. Keep yourself hydrated after making one of Pureety’s delicious Christmas recipes!

4. Anthropologie Bettie Leather Apron

Do you happen to know a chef that can cook a culinary delight in minutes without breaking a sweat? How about a chef that looks as stylish in the kitchen as she does at a cocktail party? If so, this chic apron might be the ideal gift for her. We ask, why not make your kitchen tiles a runway? The perfect gift to keep our juicy marinades off a new holiday frock!

5. Tea Swizzle

If, like our team, you lose count of how many cups of tea you consume a day… This isn’t going to help with that. If anything, it may encourage you to drink even more! The Tea Swizzle is a great little device that takes the faff out of making loose leaf tea. Simply load the Swizzle with your favourite kind of tea, slide it’s cover on and stir into hot water to release the flavour! No fuss, no muss. Have a sip in between cooking up Pureety Head Chef Gareth’s ‘Perfect Roasties’.

6. Hemsley + Hemsley Food Spiraliser

Food spiralisers are becoming somewhat of a craze in vegetable shaping circles… They exist, trust us! The Spiraliser is a great way of creating new recipes with lengthy strands of veg, and what better way to try and get the kids to eat their greens than to shape them like pasta? Sneaky? Yes. Delicious? You bet! Why not try one of Pureety’s pizza kits with veggie spirals on the side? Fun for the whole family.

7. Martins Chocolatier Chocolate Brussel Sprouts

This one is pretty self-explanatory but just to be clear, these sprouts are made entirely of chocolate! Handmade and indistinguishable from the real thing, these sprouts could be a great treat at the end of Christmas dinner for the kids. A handy munchy treat for the table, why not put these out with some potato wedges mixed with a tasty Pureety season packet?

8. Anthropologie Bronze Age cutlery

If you’re looking to gift someone some cutlery with style and edge, this Bronze Age set might be the ticket. Brimming with personality, admiring these interesting pieces of dinnerware will be a treat for your guests before you serve up a delicious feast this holiday! These will be a really chic way of cutting into our roasties.

9. Biscuiteers DIY Gingerbread House

Looking for a Christmas activity that can be a treat for the whole family? Try a bit of festive architecture and build a delightful gingerbread house to admire for a few minutes before tucking in.

10. David Mellor Pizza Scissors

Granted, a lot of people might not be eating pizza on Christmas Day, but these pizza scissors are a handy tool to have in your drawer for the rest of the year. Allowing you to conveniently cut up your favourite deep dish and tear through those toppings, these scissors are a must-have for those movie nights in. Use these on a pizza made from one of Pureety’s delicious homemade pizza kits!

11. Magimax Vision Toaster

You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it on TV and thought, “How futuristic is that toaster?” Well, it isn’t, and it can be all yours! You’ll never have eaten more bread after buying this stylish and gawk-worthy toaster from Magimax. Not only will the toaster’s slots house different sizes of breads and bagels, the transparent exterior allows you to sit back and spectate your bread turning into toast! Use it to enjoy some wheat goodness with one of Pureety’s soup kits.

12. Hot Dog Condiment Dispenser

This one we’ve thrown into the mix purely because of its aesthetic value. We can’t think of a person we know that won’t look at this item without a little grin appearing on their face! Double your dish’s sauciness by loading this dispenser with two of your favourite sauces. Great to add a splodge of sauce to some seasoned wedges!

13. Judge Cookware Deep Pie Maker

Christmas dinner is an exciting time for any foodie. After all, it only occurs once a year! However, that doesn’t mean you have to last the rest of the holiday without a hearty meal in your stomach. This pie maker boasts pastry templates with which you can make homemade pies in minutes to fill up your family, before attempting to get through those sales crowds on Boxing Day. This is almost as close to comfort food as Pureety’s soup kits!

14. Ototo Nessie Ladle

Here’s another quirky gift idea for the child at heart. Try putting this in a stockpot full of chilli and not grinning at how it looks like Nessie is paddling around your kitchen. Use Nessie to ladle yourself a hearty bowl after using one of Pureety’s soup kits.

15. Polyscience Smoking Gun

Bringing it back to the gifts for kitchen aficionados, the Polyscience Smoking Gun is a must have for the BBQ-ers that don’t know what to do with themselves before and after summer. The handheld item allows you to smoke cheese, meats and much more through production of cold smoke. Get some Pureety marinade for your mini BBQ and enjoy!

16. Cinnibird Spice Pen

Know a foodie that will not do with a builder’s brew? This gift idea may be one for them, as the Cinnibird Spice Pen allows the yielder to become an artist of hot drinks. The device utilizes natural ground powders such as cinnamon and paprika, and allows for them to be guided into decorative designs and messages across your favourite drinks and meals. Could one of our season packets fit in here? We need to research!

17. StompStamps Personalised Christmas Stamp

Not only will a foodie’s delectable dish leave an impression with their audience, this personalized stamp will really help them leave their mark. StompStamps has a range of personalized stamps, including a special Christmas one, that can be used on tags, fabric and more. So when your foodie has whipped up their signature dish to take to a dinner party, they can they can brand their creations with this neat stamp. Why don’t you whip up some Pureety roasties and make sure your name is known.

18. Monopoly Chocolate Edition

Here is a crowd-pleaser if we ever did see one. A classic game with a new (and scrumptious) twist, Chocolate Monopoly will be a delicious way to end a Christmas meal with your foodie. A family activity that you can compete-and-eat to, this is one for chocolate lovers everywhere. Make some party food- we recommend Pureety seasoned wedges- and sit down to a game!

19. Chef’n Potato Ricer

A handy kitchen implement for potato fans (like the Pureety team), the Chef’n Potato Ricer makes quick work of boiled potatoes to ensure there are zero lumps each and every time you make mash. It’s not only for use on potatoes either; try ricing other boiled veg and cooked fruits to make purees and juices. Use it to make the perfect Pureety roasties this year!

20. Smartphone Projector

We’re foodies but not everything on our Christmas lists is cooking-related. This projector is a great gift idea for the films-and-foodie you know! This innovative little device takes the video you play on your phone and expands it so you can sit back with your own homemade cinema. So grab some leftover roasties from Christmas dinner and enjoy watching your clips on the big screen.

We’ve scoured the online shops and think this is a terrific selection for any foodie to enjoy. We haven’t bought all of these great items, so we should probably get a head start on our shopping before Christmas is upon us. Pureety signing off!