Pureety Loves Local

Supporting local business is very important Pureety. We are building links with the small businesses that are at the heart of our customers’ communities. There’s a great work ethic and tenacity to building a successful local business that we greatly admire, which is why we want Pureety on your local retailer’s shelves.

It’s no secret that more and more small (but loved!) food vendors have been disappearing over the years. We think it’s incredibly important to support local businesses so we don’t lose those unique and essential parts of our communities.

Not only do we love seeing Pureety Gourmet Flavours products on display in butchers, corner shops and delicatessens, we love that we have a relationship with each.

Just recently, we had a lovely customer request a sizable order of Pureety products from our Pureety online shop. Of course, we were really grateful for the order (as we are with each one that comes in!) but then something interesting happened. The lovely customer called Pureety HQ and told us that she had found our delicious marinades and seasonings in her local butchers. She bought out the shelves and went home for an undoubtedly scrumptious meal but she had to cancel her order with us. We understand. The lovely customer saved on postage, the butchers shop made a sale and then re-ordered via his Pureety trade account. We couldn’t be more thrilled. After all, what a great reason for an order cancellation! We were all too happy that our products could support and bring business to her local butcher, encouraging community links that we don’t want forgotten.

We want to continue supporting your local stores, butchers and farm shops, so be sure to tell Pureety whose shelves you’d like to see our products on. Be a local hero and help us get Pureety marinades and seasonings into your local vendor so your community can enjoy them as much as you do!