Cheesy Bolognese Tacos

Cheesy Bolognese Tacos. An easy lunch or Dinner hack! Super ... Read More

Spanish Chorizo & Beef Albondigas (Meatballs)

Spanish Chorizo & Ground Beef Meatballs with a rich spicy to... Read More

Beef Bourguignon

Tender pieces of beef cooked in a rich red wine sauce, with ... Read More

Yoda’s Beef Stew

May the 4th be with you! A beef stew inspired by Yoda's favo... Read More

Puréety Steak & Ale Pie

Time to up your pie game with this chunky Beef & Ale pie wit... Read More

Massive Meatball Sub

An indulgent and deliciously messy dish with a rich tomato b... Read More

Low Calorie Beef Stroganoff

A low calorie version of our classic Stroganoff - Creamy sau... Read More

Bolognese Loaded Salt & Vinegar Wedges

A rich Puréety beef Bolognese sauce on top of crispy salt & ... Read More

Crispy Chilli Beef Noodles

Crispy Beef Noodles with an extra spicy kick... packed full ... Read More

Burrito Bowl

Mexican Burrito bowls are high in protein and low in calorie... Read More

Leftover Beef, Onion & Chestnut Mushroom Pie

A quick and simple pie mix using leftover beef from your roa... Read More

Gourmet Beef Lasagne

An Italian classic dish featuring a rich, gourmet bolognese ... Read More

Slowcooker Beef Goulash

A real home comfort. Tender pieces of diced beef in a cream... Read More

Hot & Sour Beef Curry

Tender pieces of diced beef in spicy coconut sauce with lime... Read More

Chilli Beef Macaroni with a Nacho Crumb

Tender chunks of Chilli Con Carne flavoured beef, with macar... Read More

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