Health Benefits of Spices – January 16th is Hot and Spicy Food Day!

Is your tongue ready for Hot and Spicy Food Day? Well the rest of your body will certainly thank you if it is. Spices can scare many away from some delicious dishes, not to mention the great health and nutritional benefits of the ingredients. A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with spicy foods but we at Pureety Gourmet Flavours love to add a little kick and sizzle to our meals, which can also help us feel great and stay healthy. Here are some common health benefits of spices found in Pureety seasonings and marinades.

One of the ingredients of turmeric is curcumin, a great antioxidant that makes turmeric a great anti-inflammatory with antibacterial benefits. The spice can offer a boost to your immune system and many believe that it acts as a pain reliever as well. In addition, turmeric also aids bones and joints, and is considered to assist your digestive system by breaking down fat and helping to control weight. This spice creates the golden glow you often see in mustards and Indian curries, while also helping to speed up the healing of wounds!

Cayenne Pepper
This is often the spice that has people sweating at the sound of its name, and rightly so! However, used properly, cayenne pepper can give a dish great depth and heat, while offering your body benefits such as relief from aches and pain. The spice is also thought to benefit heart health, relieve ulcers and stomach problems, and improve blood circulation. Not only that, but cayenne pepper is a base ingredient in many detox dishes, helping your body’s metabolism and digestion. Is there anything this wonder-spice can’t do?

Okay, with our vast cookery knowledge we’re well aware that garlic is in fact a plant and not a spice. It does, however, pack a serious flavour punch when incorporated into a meal. Many believe garlic strengthens the immune system and aids the body’s recovery from coughs and colds. Garlic is also a great source of vitamin C and B6, and contains allicin, which is thought to be effective in treating infection due to its antibiotic properties.

Ginger is surprisingly versatile in how it can be prepared and used in cooking. A popular way of using the spice is grating it and mixing it into dishes, but many even crystallise it and eat it as a snack! It is said that ginger helps your circulation, which assists in preventing unusual sweats or chilliness. Not only that, it’s a great anti-inflammatory that helps your body combat colds and flu and is often used to combat nausea. Ginger tea or ginger biscuits are also regularly recommended to alleviate morning sickness in pregnant women.

Cinnamon is associated with the relief of symptoms caused by diabetes. A dash of this spice could help to prevent irregularities in your blood sugar levels and aid the effects of insulin in your body. Cinnamon is a gem of a spice due to it being a source of iron and calcium, and it’s also a strong antioxidant that can fight infection and kill bacteria.

So, for Hot and Spicy Food Day on 16th January, why not treat yourself (and your body!) to some of Pureety Gourmet Flavours’ marinades? Our liquid marinade packets take only 20 minutes to infuse into your meals and make your mouth water. Head over to our online store and choose from liquid marinade flavours such as Smoked Red Chilli and Honey Blossom, Sticky Soy, Ginger and Garlic and Rosemary, Roast Garlic and Garden Mint!