Thai Green Turkey Leftovers Curry

A tasty recipe to use up that leftover Turkey - with notes o... Read More

Baked Halloumi and Avocado Fajita

Fajita spiced baked halloumi cheese with peppers and onions ... Read More

Classic Sausage Casserole

A warming and tasty dish of sausages cooked in a rich tomato... Read More

Classic Beef Casserole

Rich and classic beef casserole; diced beef, carrots & onion... Read More

Thai Chicken and Courgette Kebabs

Thai Green curry inspired kebab, with white onion, courgette... Read More

Butterbean and Sweet Potato Thai Green Curry

A plant based twist on the authentic Thai Curry, with a crea... Read More

Classic Moroccan Tagine

Authentic Moroccan flavours, including cumin, paprika & chil... Read More

Classic Lamb Casserole

Diced lamb, carrots & onions cooked in a rich and hearty gra... Read More

Classic Steak Fajita

Authentic Mexican Fajita spices, peppers & onions, all wrapp... Read More

Chicken and Chorizo Chilli

A twist on a classic Chilli; made with juicy chicken thigh a... Read More

BBQ Grilled Pork Chops with Mango Salsa

Sticky BBQ pork chops with a fresh mango salsa; perfect for ... Read More

Spicy Salt and Pepper Tofu, Peach and Red Onion skewers

Salt & Pepper tofu, grilled peach, diced red onion, fresh co... Read More

Classic Thai Green Curry

Authentic Thai flavours perfectly combined with fresh green ... Read More

Classic Chicken Casserole

Delicious chicken thigh, in a classic casserole with diced c... Read More

Char Siu Glazed Chicken Double Kebab

A double kebab of succulent Char-Siu Glazed chicken thighs... Read More

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