25% Off A Delicious Spring BBQ!

Pureety’s amazing introductory offer on our brand new Marinade Concentrates couldn’t have come at a better time! Enjoy any of our flavours for the special price of £1.49 until May 31st. Pureety can’t decide on the Marinade Concentrate we like best so we decided to give you some ideas for what to pair with each delicious flavour. Try one or try them all!

With so much choice at your local butchers or farm shop, how do you narrow down the best meats, fish or veggies to grill for an impromptu spring BBQ? It’s no secret that our weather can be a little temperamental, so barbecues are often a spontaneous event when we see a spot of sunshine coming our way. Pureety is on hand and has whipped up a list of the best dishes for spring BBQs so you know exactly what to buy to feed your hungry guests.

Flank Steak

Steak is synonymous with a truly satisfying BBQ spread. It might take a steak aficionado quite some time to find that perfect cut but for the rest of us there is yummy and reliable flank steak. A lean and inexpensive cut, flank steak is the ideal way to have your steak and eat it to. It’s easy to find in most butchers or supermarkets and a healthier alternative to its sirloin and rib-eye relatives. Try with our Pureety Honey BBQ Marinade Concentrate for a moist, sweet and smoky meat that you can slice and enjoy in tortilla wraps.


Many stray from barbecuing fish but it’s a tasty and healthy option to add to your spring BBQ menu. Swordfish is a great seafood to try grilled with a firm and succulent texture. It’s delicate flavour pairs very well with sharp tastes such as soy, garlic or sesame, but if you prefer more subtle tastes it also suits lemon and citrus juices. Swordfish is so versatile that there is a hundred ways to try it after a proper grilling. How about marinating it in our Pureety Jamaican Jerk BBQ Marinade Concentrate for a Caribbean-inspired flavour with a zesty note of lime?

Pork Tenderloin or Pork Chops

Pork is a BBQ favourite so you have to make sure you have the right flavouring to make it go down a storm! Not only are pork tenderloin and pork chops loaded with protein, they lend themselves to a number of flavours. Pork tenderloin is a gift to the griller that wants to chat with their guests instead of constantly tending to their meat. It’s also a fantastic option to feed the masses with the option to cut it into slices for sandwiches or salads. Pureety’s Chinese BBQ Marinade Concentrate is a five-star five spice infused treat that pairs well with either of these pork dishes. Try it for yourselves!

Chicken Drumsticks

Drumsticks can stand the heat of a spring BBQ—they’re somewhat fatty cuts of meat that remain moist even when grilled at high temperatures. Pureety recommends whacking up the heat when barbecuing chicken drumsticks because they have the superpower to stay tender on the inside while the outer skin gets crunchy and brown. For anyone that has stuck to their resolution to eat healthier this year, you can even remove the skin for a lower calorie dish. Drumsticks are ideal for use with Pureety’s Texan Hickory BBQ Marinade Concentrate—the classic Southern American flavour is sweet and tangy with a delicious smoky finish!

King Prawns

For a bite size treat packed with flavour, grill up some king prawns. With a sweet taste and firm texture, prawns are ideal for skewering and cook in mere minutes. A scrumptious pairing if we ever tasted one, king prawns go great with Pureety Piri Piri BBQ Marinade Concentrate. The chilli and garlic base pairs well with the flavour of the seafood with an added pop of zingy lemon.

Pureety can’t resist a few baby back ribs or chomp-on-the-go burgers and sausages either—after all they’re BBQ staples. All of our Marinade Concentrates are vegetarian friendly so why not try some on carrots, parsnips, tomatoes and more for anyone coming to your spring BBQ without a meat-tooth!